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Article: Summer Sofas to brighten up your home!

Style Advice

Summer Sofas to brighten up your home!

As we've all been spending more time than ever in our homes, we've noticed there's a new interior trend on the horizon... a craving for colour. It's not uncommon to hesitate when introducing colour to your home, asking yourself questions such as, 'Will I still like this next year?' or 'Does this go with the rest of my furniture?'

While bright colours can be an absolute no for some, if done the right way, you can create a mood-lifting atmosphere that feels fun and on-trend!

If you're not convinced, here's a roundup of our favourite colourful sofas for summer to change your mind...


Orson Sofa Collection from £299

Is there a more perfect colour to brighten your decor than yellow? Mustard has been a growing trend for some time now and while you may be familiar with this colour in the form of cushions and curtains, the Orson by Victoria James Designs goes one step further and offers a striking mustard sofa collection. This piece is ideal for daring designers looking to make a bold interior statement.


Rio Sofa Collection from £399

Rich teal and botanical prints create the perfect summer combo! As the UK has quickly become house-plant obsessed over the past few years, the Rio sofa collection nods to this green-fingered trend with beautiful exotic prints. If you're a lover of all things glamour from soft velvet to brass accessories, the Rio will create the perfect summer look for you.


Hampstead Sofa Collection from £349

Making a change from the norm of grey and brown sofas, the Hampstead collection uses a soft light beige to lift up its classic Chesterfield design. Although this look takes a more neutral approach to summer styling, as well as brightening up your living room, it also makes the perfect canvas for fun, colourful accessorising. We like to style this sofa with laid-back pastels for a softer look...


Harlow Sofa Collection from £299

Soft lines and Scandi vibes, the Harlow sofa collection boasts a soft powdered blue with a modern minimalist design. Demonstrating the power of pastels, this sofa provides a colour pop with a little more subtlety. Accessorise it with bright accent cushions and blankets, such as ochre, to add a more dramatic edge to this relaxed piece.


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