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How to Create a Coffee Bar Station at Home

How to Create a Coffee Bar Station at Home

, by James Ward, 4 min reading time


Why buy coffee outside when you can have your own DIY coffee shop at home?! This cosy trend might just save you some money each week. Create your own coffee hot-spot at home, and look forward to those well-needed espresso moments by yourself and enjoy a good cup of brew, to prepare you for the day ahead. Whether you are working with a small or large space, there are ways in which you can still achieve the same dream! 

A fresh cup of coffee never goes out of style, but kitchen cabinets cluttered with coffee pods, syrups and mugs certainly do. Streamline your morning routine by setting up any one of these coffee bar ideas. It's as simple as it sounds: Carve out a space in your home and fill it with everything you need to fix up the ultimate morning brew, afternoon pick-me-up or after-hours nightcap. Here, you'll find an easy DIY that fits your space, budget and overall decor style. Even if you're short on space, these easy DIYs will show you clever ways to make room for a coffee station in a small kitchen.

Sure, they're a functional addition to any coffee lover's home, but most of these coffee bars also make great statement pieces, no matter if your space embraces a modern, classic or farmhouse aesthetic. You can customize your coffee bar to fit your household's tastebuds, mixing in hot chocolate pouches, tea bags and other drinks for everyone else to sip on.

If you don’t want to use a lot of space for this project, then just know that you don’t have too! It can be as simple as using a small (but tall) cafe bar and stools that tuck away neatly in a corner. Bear in mind where you make your coffee bar, and consider where you will keep all your essentials to make your favourite kind of hot drink. If the idea of tall bar stools and another table in your home sounds daunting, you could go down the root of using a coffee table with accent chairs to match, creating an inviting area that screams ‘It’s your turn to relax!’.



Gloucester Drinks Cabinet is not only used for storing your precious wines and cocktail making equipment, there is plenty of storage and space to turn this drinks cabinet into a stylish coffee station. Then you can close the cupboards and put it all away when you're finished!



Love gathering all of your friends and throwing a tea party? It’ll be the talk of the town with the Gloucester Larder Unit. Present all of your flavours of coffees and teas and home-baked goods out on display and hide the napkins, cutlery and other extras in the charming basket drawers. 



Turn a spare wardrobe into a unique coffee bar by covering the wall with a bold temporary wallpaper and dotting the shelves with decorative accents.



Create a simple and chic coffee bar with the Cranford Narrow Sideboard

Keep your early morning essentials —a coffee maker and your go-to mug — in plain sight and tuck everything else in drawers.



Well-Stocked Coffee Cupboard

Work with what you've already got by transforming a slim kitchen cupboard into a makeshift coffee station. Stash all the basics on the shelves, starting with your most-used items on the bottom.



 Bring your coffee bar to life with a bar table.

 Create a designated spot with the Chamonix Bar Table for sipping your hot beverage and place near your coffee station for an easy refill! 



Bring coffee shop vibes into your home with the Blake Bar Table. The relaxed, industrial style is bound to make your coffee station feel more authentic and stylish. 





Pair some comfy armchairs with a coffee table to create a relaxing space to sip your coffee. Choose a round coffee table or a nest of tables if you need to take up less space or place it in a tidy corner.



Browse our stylish armchairs... 


 Top left: Jenson Blue Velvet Armchair

Top right: Victoria James Orson Armchair

Bottom left: Blush Pink Velvet Armchair

Bottom right: Dax Navy Armchair



Shop our coffee tables and nest of tables... 



Left: Gatsby Nest of Tables

Right: Ethan Nest



Top: Valencia Coffee Table

Bottom: Blake Coffee Table with Drawer



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