5 Reasons why we love the Olympia Extending Dining Table

5 Reasons why we love the Olympia Extending Dining Table

, by James Ward, 4 min reading time


Contemporary, sleek and elegant, that’s the Olympia Extending Dining Table. With unique angular legs and an extendable feature, 6 people can sit comfortably around the Olympia. Monochromatic colours make this design easy to style, it goes in any room and goes well with any of your furniture so there are endless possibilities - perfect for the interior stylists who always likes to switch it up! The best part about this dining table is the ceramic table top. Keep reading to find out why you need to own the Olympia. 

1It’s extendable

When hosting extra guests, you will need to offer everybody a place at the table and this is where an extendable dining table comes in handy. The Olympia allows you to accommodate extra guests in style, allowing you to enjoy both everyday family get-togethers and larger gatherings in the same space, with one quick, simple change. The versatility of the extending dining table is one of the reasons why we love it. You’ll always have a setting for anyone you welcome into your home, while also having the option to reduce it back down so it doesn’t dominate your dining room.

2. The modern design

The Olympia doesn’t look like your usual, traditional dining table - it stands out from the crowd. If you appreciate a creative, modern design that no one else has, then the Olympia is the one for you. The ceramic tabletop is a dynamic and stylish polished surface that’s perfect for creating a dramatic modern look. Paired with contrasting black metal legs for stability and style, our light grey Olympia Extending Table is ideal for creating a timeless look whilst being highly functional and practical.

3. It is highly durable and resistant to heat, scratches and spills

Ceramic is extremely resilient, laminated with 10mm tempered glass, It’s also incredibly shock-resistant, able to withstand even the most powerful knocks from fallen things or clumsy hands. Hot plates can be placed directly on the tabletop, and acidic materials and substances can be spilled without posing a problem because ceramic tables are heat and acid-resistant. Ceramic doesn’t need much protection; these tabletops are scratch-resistant! If someone drags dishes and cups across the table, throws keys down, or even slices food with your sharpest knife, don’t be concerned. Ceramic is incredibly hard and resistant to scratches and stains, making it a better choice than natural stone such as marble.

4. Resistant to discoloration 

Unlike other artificial stone surface materials like quartz stone, solid surface, etc, that age and discolour after a few years of use, the ceramic dining table does not because it is impervious to both UV and dramatic temperature changes. Ceramics are produced following meticulous production protected by a layer of vitreous enamel that keeps them looking just as new, even when it’s been with you for many years.

The greatest dining table for you will be one that agrees with your budget, is well-made, suits your space, and resembles the style you’ll enjoy for many years. It can be tough to choose the right material for your dining table. In choosing the proper one, you must consider affordability, ease of care, and your personal style. And the Olympia may be suited for all these criteria. 



5. Hygienic

Ceramic is not only simple to clean and sanitise with common home detergents, but it is also water-resistant, preventing bacteria and mites from breeding on its non-porous surface. Why does ceramic have this incredible property? The ceramic mass is made up of atomized powder, which is a very thin powder that is virtually completely devoid of moisture at the start of the manufacturing process. The high firing temperatures and the extraordinary force used to press the powder give the ceramic a remarkable compactness, making it a non-porous material with a nearly low water absorption rate, and thus always perfectly washable.




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