Houseplant Appreciation Day!

To celebrate houseplant appreciation day, we have put together some of our favourite artificial plants so you can bring the illusion of nature to your home without the hassle of caring for it!

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Potted Orchid 

This gorgeous white Orchid is set in a shabby chic cement style pot with beautiful bright white petals, perfect for bringing life to your home. 










Rosemary Bush 

This realistic rosemary bush looks just like the real thing, with perfectly toned artificial sprigs and a charming antique style pot, a great kitchen window sill accessory!


Tall White Orchid

Whether to brighten up a dark corner of your living area or bring life to your bedroom, this oversized Orchid will be sure to make a bold contemporary statement in any room of your home. 



Crassula Potted

This cute succulent is the perfect small accessory for your home to add a touch of soft colour along with the charm of the distressed styled pot.



Fern in Soil

This wonderfully bright green fern will breathe both colour and life into your home, set in a mossy soil base for an authentic finish.

Olive Branch

Another perfect kitchen accessory, this two-tone olive branch looks great when bunched together to make a full lively bouquet.

Eucalyptus Leaves

An on-trend accessory in the plant world, these artificial Eucalyptus leaves have a beautiful elegant design that looks just like the real thing.

Maidenhair Fern Potted

The light and delicate fronds of this artifcial Maidenhair Fern show off a realistic design that will bring a splash of colour to any room of your home.




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