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Three Decades Dedicated To The Love Of Furniture...

Taking The Entire Family's Lifestyle Into Account

Modern Elegance

Elevate your home's aesthetic with the sleek and contemporary Tulsa Lamp Table. This exceptional piece brings a refreshing touch of modern design that seamlessly fits into various interior themes, offering a stylish addition to your living space

Captivating Fusion

At the heart of the Tulsa Lamp Table lies a reclaimed wooden structure adorned with a captivating cross-pattern inlay in delightful earthy tones. This unique fusion of industrial aesthetics and a warm color palette establishes a remarkable synergy, setting the table apart as a distinctive and eye-catching accent

Sustainable Stories

The essence of the Tulsa Lamp Table embodies a commitment to sustainability and individuality. Crafted from up-cycled timber, this piece carries a unique story through distinctive knots and captivating markings, emphasising the inherent beauty of repurposed materials

Design Narratives

The Tulsa Lamp Table goes beyond ordinary furniture; it's an embodiment of thoughtful design and an invitation to embrace the narratives woven into each piece. With this table, your living space can transcend the ordinary, embracing a blend of modern style and eco-conscious craftsmanship, making it a statement of innovation and sustainability