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Article: Winter Sofa Essentials

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Winter Sofa Essentials

This winter we’re celebrating all things cosy at FW Homestores. As we’re spending more time indoors, getting your sofa set-up is even more important in the cold months. Here’s our top tips for creating a cosy sofa space that you’ll love all winter.


The Perfect Sofa 

Making sure you have the perfect sofa for creating your cosy winter space is key. A sofa is more often than not the centrepiece of any living room, so making sure you’ve got a sofa that you’ll love is key. Whether you go for a bold colour, or something more low-key that you can spruce up with accessories, we at FW Homestores carry a wide variety of sofas in a range of colours, fabrics and styles that that you’re sure to love.


The Pluto 3 Seater Sofa - £499

We’ve selected two of our newest sofas that we think will be great winter additions to your home. If you’re looking for a new centrepiece for your living room, try our two new collections: Pluto and Jaeger.

The Jaeger 3 Seater Sofa

Ideal for people who love bright colours both Pluto and Jaeger make use of bright, zesty shades to add a little sunshine to the darker months. With Pluto teaming classic mustard yellow and greys for a long favourite colour scheme and Jaeger teaming zesty citrus shades with royal blue for vibrant, playful sofa, our new sofa collections are sure to make you smile. If Jaeger or Pluto aren’t your dream sofa, don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of sofa collections that are sure to complement your style.

Shop All of Our Sofa Collections


Getting Cosy

Now you’ve got your sofa sorted, it’s time to accessorise your sofa with cushions and other cosy pieces. While a number of our sofas come with scatter cushions included, adding a extra few can make your room feel even more cosy. Cushions are a great way to add different textures and colours to your room, making them an affordable way to revamp a room. 


The Mongolian Putty Cushion -  £49.99


Our top picks are the cushions that we think add unique texture or patterns to a room. Go super cosy with one of our Mongolian wool cushions for a soft luxe feel to your living room. If you’re looking for a way to inject brights, try this Purple Element Cushion. With a rich jewel-toned colour palette, this on-trend cushion is sure to lift your rooms in winter.

Purple Element Cushion - £29.99

With a range of cushions available at FW Homestores, we’re sure you’ll find those little extras that make a sofa the ultimate space to unwind. 

Shop Our Collection of Cushions


All Snuggled Up

Do not forget your blankets this festive season! With the nights getting chillier, you may want to add a few blankets to keep you warm on your sofa. Whether it’s a luxurious, sheep-skin feel or a classic tartan to keep that festive feeling all year round, you can’t go wrong with extra blankets to keep you snuggled up year round. 


Need space to keep your cosy essentials? Our collection of blanket boxes are a convenient way to store all your winter essentials for when they’re not needed. Available in a range of styles, our blanket boxes provide easy to access storage, so you can keep all your blankets, cushions and other cosy essentials neat and tidy. 


Shop Our Collection Of Blanket Boxes


We’ve got plenty of things this season to make your home feel cosy this winter. Shop online or in our stores to begin transforming your sofa today.

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