Snug Autumn Rugs For 2020


As the mornings get colder and we’re looking for pieces that add an extra cosiness to our rooms. Adding a rug to a bare floor can add extra texture that can bring warmth and interest to a room. We’re giving you a seasonal round up to this seasons’ cosy rugs.



Geometric Patterned Rugs


Adding a fun, geometric rug allows you to play with colour and patterns in one simple piece. Simply throw on the floor and complement with similar colours for a stylish, playful look. These geometric patterned rugs from our Koko range are the ideal way to play with colour and patterns, with a stylish yet simple design. 

Our Koko Rug, featuring a fun yet simple geometric pattern comes in four colourways: coral, blue, fennel and silver. We love the coral Koko Rug for a warm pop of colour this autumn.


Plush Colourful Rugs

The autumn trend to end all autumn trends. Adding a plush rug is the ultimate way to inject cosy vibes into your living room or bedroom. It’s also a perfect way to add colour: we love a plush colourful rug as a playful and luxurious addition to any living space. Our plush rugs are the perfect way to treat yourself to a shaggy rug that all the family will love. 


Our Plush Rugs come in a variety of colours, you’re sure to find one you love! This Plush Rug in “Ocean” is the perfect way to add a unique shade to your home. 

Sheepskin Rugs

The ultimate, luxurious rug. Sheepskin rugs are a hot trend for every autumn and we can’t get enough of them. Available in gorgeous neutral shades, these add a touch of luxury to any room you place them in. They’re also a versatile option for anyone who wants their rugs to have an extra purpose. We’ve seen people use sheepskin rugs as cushioning for chairs on social media, which is such a fun way to add texture to dining rooms too.



Our Sheepskin Rugs are available in a number of cool neutrals that will add instant glamour and luxury to any room. This classic white colourway is a timeless way to accessorise your home, and will never go out of style.

Bohemian Rugs

If you can’t get enough of the bohemian trend, our Hackney Diamond Taupe Rug is a perfect fit. With stylish tasseling and a berber rug inspired pattern in cool neutral colours, it’s a great rug to add visual interest to any room. Add this rug to dark wooden floors for an Instagram worthy room that’s perfect for autumn.

The Hackney Diamond Taupe Rug comes in two sizes, meaning you can pick the right size for any room.


Colourful Velvet Rugs

Our Holborn rug is the ideal way to add a soothing yet colourful splash on your floor with a velvet effect. The ripples of colour complement each other beautifully, to add a calm and stylish pop of colour. Simply accessorise the rest of your room with your favourite hue from the rug to tie the look all together.

Holborn comes in seven stylish colourways, meaning you can find your dream rug regardless of your colour scheme. We love the soothing, spacey purples and pinks of the Lunar Holborn Rug for an on-trend pastel look that’s also a sophisticated choice for any room.

Our Holborn Rug range comes in a variety of colour schemes that are the perfect accessory to complement any room. 


We carry a wide range of rugs that will make any room feel warm and inviting this autumn. Browse all of our rugs on our website, or visit one of our showrooms to see all of our rugs in action. 






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