Love linen - the Hampstead collection

Get the linen look with the Hampstead collection by Victoria James Designs...


 Lightweight and breathable, there's no doubt that linen is the perfect fabric for the warmer months. With a relaxed aesthetic and durable qualities, it really is a timeless fabric that ages with charm. So linen is the fabric we're loving this season, and no sofa wears it better than the Hampstead by Victoria James Designs...

Even with its soft beige tones, the Hampstead collection manages to achieve an eye-catching look that makes a lasting statement.

(Victoria James Hampstead 3 Seater Sofa)


Complete with a stylish & time-honoured Chesterfield button back design, the Hampstead 2 seater & 3 seater sofas see a modern take on this classic design feature with the bold folds of the linen adding to the striking look.


Traditional studding along the scrolled arms of each sofa adds some extra-fine detailing. The soft silver tone of each stud brings a welcome contrast to the crisp linen cover.


Really showing off the natural grain of the fabric, this classic wing chair is brought up to date with its fresh beige complexion. Complementing the airy fabric, light wooden feet are daintily carved to add yet another timeless feature.

(Victoria James Hampstead Armchair)


Petite and elegant, the Hampstead 2 seater sofa completes the collection with a compact burst of light-hued linen.

(Victoria James Hampstead 2 Seater Sofa)


Although linen is our favourite fabric this spring, linen also works with the seasons, staying cool in the winter and perfect for cosying up on in the winter. And dressed on this classic sofa collection, you can really see the timeless quality of this fabric.


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