Living Room Storage Ideas

As one of the busiest rooms in the house, it's no surprise that our living rooms may sometimes be crammed with 'stuff.' While decluttering is always helpful, there are many things we simply require in this space, which is why living room storage solutions are essential.

  Ample storage space is crucial for making your living room a well-organized space that allows you to rest and unwind. By picking the perfect pieces for living room storage, you can clear the clutter and spend quality time with family and friends in beautiful surroundings.

  One of the reasons our living room storage ideas require so much thought is that the lounge is now a true multi-purpose space. Our living rooms are no longer only for resting; they now serve a variety of functions ranging from home offices to playrooms to home gyms and movie marathons.

  When you choose the right options, you'll have enough space for your TV, electronics, and even a handy wine cabinet. You can surround yourself with the things you love by displaying your treasures in beautiful display cabinets. Side tables and consoles also provide great storage space for the living room, along with storage furniture like ottomans and blanket boxes.

Add a pole for handy hanging

When it comes to living room storage options, think outside the box (or shelf). Adding a slimline metal pole to your wall might provide you with more creative storage and display options.

Simple S-hooks are all you need to hang houseplants, baskets, or wire boxes. In addition to saving space, this area is simple to dress up and alter with the seasons and as living room trends change.


Make a feature of your shelving

Alternatively, make your storage stand out.  Statement shelving designs can become focal points in their own right. Curate the objects on display with care so that it has an artistic and thoughtful vibe.

Combine open and closed storage

Decorate your living room with clever open and closed storage. Make a modular shelf unit the focal point of your space to create a display opportunity.

Then fill your open shelves with a combination of literature and decor, saving the covered shelving for the more practical - or simply the less appealing - items!



 Build storage into seating

If your living room is small, you'll want to maximise every square inch of space. An excellent method to achieve this is to opt for a built-in bench with storage underneath and on each side.

If you paint the entire thing the same colour as your living room colour scheme, it will fit in flawlessly and it won't be noticeable that it's storing a multitude of things!

A blanket box is also a clever and stylish way to store items away, and it comes with a variety of functions. Read more about this here


Stash cushions and blankets in an ottoman

Choose stowaway storage to keep living room basics out of sight. A large ottoman with a lift-up cover is ideal for storing extra cushions, bulky blankets, or children's toys. Choose one that matches the colour scheme of your living room couch ideas or seating arrangement, or opt for a stand-alone item in a contrasting colour or neutral leather.

Consider Ladder style shelving

Ladder-style shelving will help you maximize your storage space. A leaning ladder shelf is an excellent method to add storage without cluttering up a living area.

They are not just an interesting alternative to more traditional shelving, but they are also ideal for lighter colour schemes or areas with limited space. To ensure safety, fasten the frame to the wall.


Pick a stand-out piece from your favourite era

Mid-century modern living room furniture is a style classic that will look wonderful in either a period or contemporary living room. A mid-century buffet's shape lends itself nicely to tiny living room storage - they always feature a combination of drawers and cupboards - and of course, the wide top may be used advantageously as well. Take a look at our sideboards here.

The contrast of the glass and metal coffee table with the sideboard is what we love about this room - two distinct eras and two different aesthetics, but they both work so well together.

Add an ornate cabinet

An elegant dresser adds a stylish element to any area. It pairs well with furniture that has clean, modern lines for an on-trend, old-meets-new look. Glass-fronted display storage necessitates a methodical approach; use the exposed shelves for accessories and conceal useful items in the drawers. Have a browse through our diverse range of display cabinets here.



Plan storage for kids toys

Small living room storage ideas for a family with young children must include solutions that accommodate their belongings. Shelves that hold boxes and baskets are a good option since they allow you to take these containers down to arrange what's scattered about the floor and furniture after the kids have gone to bed, then slip their items back out of the way overnight. 

Use a blanket box as a side table to add some extra storage as well as style to your living room. It can provide storage for all your bits and bobs that need a home in the living room - games, toys, books and magazines to name a few. Or a place in front of the sofa to prop your feet up after a long day. 

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