Introducing Our Olympia Ceramic Dining Tables

Meet our new Olympia Ceramic Dining Tables. Constructed from dramatic black legs and a sleek and stylish ceramic table top, this new collection of dining tables brings industrial chic to any dining space. 


This brand new collection, inspired by the industrial trend, adds a dynamic and practical social space in your dining areas. Combining beautiful design and utilitarian practicality, these tables include an easy to use extending mechanism, providing room for all the family when used. 

Available in three ceramic finishes, the Olympia Ceramic Dining Tables are a stunning addition to any dining room.

Light Grey Olympia Ceramic Dining Table

With a light grey ceramic top, this addition to the Olympia Collection gives a lighter option for anyone looking for the industrial trend. The pale grey ceramic provides a beautiful contrast with the black metalwork of the legs, creating a stylish and effortless feel to any dining space.


Black Olympia Ceramic Dining Table


A classic finish in a classic colour, this Black Ceramic Olympia Dining Table is a classic option for anyone looking for a timeless dining table that will continue to look stylish year after year. Still designed in line with the on-trend industrial style, this classic black ceramic finish will create a dramatic feel in any dining space. 


Polished Dark Grey Olympia Dining Table


A dramatic centrepiece for any dining room, this Olympia Ceramic Table includes a polished dark grey tabletop which refines the table and adds a unique finish. Perfect for anyone looking to inject a taste of the industrial trend, this table adds drama and elegance to any dining space. 

Olympia Package Deals

Did you know we sell our Olympia Tables with our most popular dining chairs? Each table in the Olympia collection can be offered as part of a package deal, which includes either four chairs or six dining chairs in two of our most popular designs. 


The Rolo and Aiden dining chairs pair beautifully with the Olympia collection. Offering a contrast with the plush velvet fabric, pairing either Rolo or Aiden with Olympia offers a contrasting style between luxurious velvet and ceramic and black metal. 

Both Rolo and Aiden come in a selection of stylish colours so you can customise the package deal to your tastes. You can also select the amount of chairs (four or six) your preferred table comes with. All of our tables are available in these package deals, so pick your favourite finish a

If you’re looking for a new table this Autumn, why not consider the Olympia Collection. Starting from just £799, this table injects modern style effortlessly into your dining room.

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