How To Style White & Grey Rooms

We love the simplicity of white and grey. With these colours being our favourite neutral shades,  we think they’re not going anywhere, we’re here to offer our top tips on how to make the most of these colours. Whether you’re decorating your first place or are looking for some inspiration for a refresh, here’s our top tips for styling neutrals this winter. 


Pick A Style

From the luxe feel of the Instagram worthy trend of a “grey house” to a soft scandinavian inspired trend, creating a moodboard with all your style inspirations is a great place to start. Thanks to their neutral tones, white and grey naturally pair with loads of aesthetics and home decor trends, so gather some ideas on the styles you like before you start shopping. 

If you’re stuck for inspiration, we have plenty of lookbooks and “shop by trend” pages that can guide you towards style inspiration. Our social media also has excellent inspiration that you can use to plan your new interior

Invest Wisely

We know white and grey pairs well with any colour scheme however when it comes to picking furniture for your new room, we’d suggest picking silhouettes that you love and know will last a lifetime. For items such as sofas and dining tables, we’d recommend choosing pieces that mean you can play around with different colours, styles and textures. Even though we love a bold statement sofa; for white and grey interiors, keep it simple and versatile.


For wooden furniture, keep it simple with pale blonde timbers to match the neutral tones of white and grey. We adore the Valencia Dining Range for this exact reason. The simple, scandi-inspired design in the pale timbers allow you to make the most of white and greys and keep a calm colour palette. For living rooms, keep your seating simple with sofas such as The Cloud from Victoria James Designs. Choosing contemporary furniture that suits many styles will allow you to shake things up if you feel like trying something new.



With a monochromatic palette, make the most of textures to add interest to a room. Whether that’s through accessories such as rugs and cushions or through the materials your furniture is made from, texture can lift a room to the next level.



(Photo Credit: @boots_twdownham)

These textures can ground your style into your favourite home decor style, so paying attention to texture is key. For rustic interiors, think about natural fabrics, reclaimed woods and textures like fake fur or wool for a naturalistic feel. If you are looking for a room that’s a little more glam, plush velvets, marble and chrome will allow you to add a soft luxe feel to your space while still keeping the colour scheme simple. If you're feeling bold with your furniture choices, the Rhianna collection of occasional tables and dining tables adds a glamourous touch thanks to the reflective textures. The Rhianna range is ideal for anyone looking to add a little glamour to their grey and white rooms. 


Lighting & Mirrors

Finally, creating the correct lighting for your rooms is essential, especially while dealing with neutral tones such as white and grey. Making the most of light adds dimension to a room, so make sure to think about lighting and how it reflects around a room. Part of this may involve adding mirrors to reflect light in darker spaces. 



Mirrors help add dimension to a room, so if you have a blank wall, consider a mirror as an extra way to add a little bit of light to your space. Either choose pale wooden frames or go all out and add a metallic framed mirror for extra detail. We love the extra studded detail on this Venetian Studded Mirror for a little extra pizazz. 

That’s all our tips for styling grey and white interiors. Remember to check out our Instagram for more style inspiration every day and what we're loving at FW Homestores. 

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