How to look after your mattress

You spend roughly 30% of your life sleeping. And you are entitled to do so in a comfy bed. So taking care of your mattress is crucial, because a lumpy bed will swiftly take the leisure out of your lie-ins. Here are our suggestions for getting the most out of your mattress (in terms of years and ZZZs).



How much space should I leave around my mattress on my bed frame?

A couple of centimetres all the way around your mattress is a decent rule of thumb; you don't want it too tight or too loose.



Mattress tension

Depending on the sort of mattress you have, you should turn or rotate it on a regular basis. To rotate your mattress, turn it so that your head will be where your feet were - the top of the mattress remains facing upwards. Flip your mattress so that the top becomes the bottom. This should be done every three months until it's time to replace your mattress.

All two-sided mattresses should be rotated and turned on a regular basis. Turning your new mattress helps to equal out settling and prevents dips in the mattress. If you don't turn your mattress, all of the wear will accumulate in the same spot.



Keep your mattress clean

- Wash your bedding weekly on a hot wash
- Use a 60-degree wash to kill bacteria & mites from your mattress protector
- Vacuum underneath bed each month
- Clean up any mattress spillages immediately
- Air your bedroom daily if possible 


 Airing your mattress

Take off all of the sheets and duvets to allow fresh air to reach your mattress for a few hours. This is something we recommend doing every time you change your sheets. If you do not air and ventilate your mattress, it may become damp or have a shorter lifespan since moisture might begin to damage it. When your new mattress comes, ventilation is also important. Your mattress should be aired for at least 8 hours following delivery to freshen from storage and shipping. This should ideally be done when the mattress arrives or the next day.



Always use a mattress topper and or protector

With all mattresses, we strongly advise the use of a cover or topper. The sort of topper or protector you use will be determined by the desired results. To protect the mattress, some individuals use a basic covering that can be washed with the linen. Some people prefer a thicker topping for a softer feel.

You can extend the life of your mattress by using a topper or protector of your choice. This is due to the fact that a mattress protector will act as a barrier of defence against:

- Sweat
- Moisture
- Dead skin
- Bacteria
- Spills and leaks



Replacing your mattress

Most good quality mattresses should last for 7 years, but there are some other indicators that you should replace your mattress: 

- You wake up achy and exhausted (although you may feel a little achy when you buy a new mattress as your body adjusts to it).
- It has visible lumps.
- It appears to be used or worn.

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