How to create a more inviting living room


Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or work outside the home, spending time in your living room should be a pleasurable and joyful experience. With these suggestions, you can make your room a welcoming place where friends and family will want to spend time.


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  1. A home that reflects you 


To begin, include décor that expresses your individuality. Add your favourite books to your bookshelf, or hang artwork you love on your walls. You may also use your sideboard to showcase photos of your friends and family. This is a terrific conversation starter and makes your visitors feel more at ease in the room. Plants may also be used to adorn your environment and bring life into it. If you don't have a green thumb, you can obtain the appearance using fake plants (no one will know!)



  1. Create a cosy aura with lighting 


You may use lighting to create a soothing and cosy atmosphere that will make your guests want to stay. Instead of utilising your overhead light, experiment with other light sources to create the ambiance you want. Mellow and natural lighting from candles and lanterns, for example, provide a soft glow that is ideal for a movie night. If you want extra light, you can use floor lamps as overhead illumination.

  1. Snug seating 


Invest in chaise lounges like the Cloud or Lavagne , or footstools which will inspire your visitors to put their feet up and relax. If you are looking for armchairs, we propose Jenson or the Stanford recliner since the fabric quality creates a comfortable sensation.


You may also accessorise your furniture with blankets and cushions to provide soft textures and make your space seem more welcoming. Similarly, fluffy rugs will inspire your guests to take off their shoes and feel at ease. When you're not using your spare blankets or pillows, place them in blanket boxes to save room.


With these guidelines in mind, you will undoubtedly be a very popular host this dining season.


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