How To Achieve The Industrial Look


The industrial trend is one of our favourite modern trends that has risen up through the years. We love the rustic woods, the black metalwork and the neutral colour palette that creates a dramatic and fun space to live in. With this trend not ending anytime soon, we’re excited to share our top picks for achieving this trend in Autumn Winter 2020. 


Rough Textures

One of the main features of the industrial trend is focusing on rough textures from natural materials. Think rustic woods, black metalwork and leather textiles as the basis of your furniture pieces. These textures take centre stage in most industrial inspired rooms, but you can add in other textures like ceramics for a dramatic finish. We adore this Jupiter Extending Table for this trend. It’s constructed out of sleek, industrial inspired metal with a ceramic tabletop that adds the perfect rough texture to start your industrial inspired dining room. While we've paired it with colourful velvet chairs to soften the look, you can add bold leather chairs to keep the industrial feel in your home. 



For your textiles, your centrepieces like your sofas should make the most of leather. It’s a timeless material that fits in well to many different styles, meaning it’s easy to transition into the industrial style with minimal effort. We love the Hoxton Range of sofas from Alexander & James, which fits perfectly with the industrial vibe, while also offering modern comfort and style. The added emerald green details are a gorgeous addition. It's one of the trendiest colours of the season and we can't get enough. 



Moody & Metallic

What we love about the industrial trend is that it has an easy, versatile colour palette that’s easy to adapt and customise to your taste. For this trend, build your home around the tones you’d find in factories and other spaces this trend draws inspiration from. Think blacks, browns, greys and whites, accented with splashes of gold, bronze, copper and other metallics. Keep your staple pieces of furniture in these classic colours for an industrial look that never goes out of style. 


The deep brown of these Carson Dining Chairs are a perfect fit for any industrial inspired dining space. Teamed with a leather texture, it’s a perfect modern addition to any table where you're trying to inject the trends. Accessorise with metallic details such as this industrial fan clock. With dark metallic details, it complements any industrial inspired space and will be a long-lasting piece that fits right in with this trend. 

Contrasting Details

With moody colours and industry inspired materials, the industrial trend can feel a little harsh and make a room feel cold without balancing out the textures. By adding softer textures in accessories such as rugs and cushions, you can balance out the masculine feel of a room and transform it into a cosy space. We love adding fluffy textures like sheepskin rugs and fluffy cushions. They're the ultimate way to bring in that contrasting texture and bring warmth and life to the industrial trend.

If these softer textures aren’t your vibe, we’d recommend implementing colour and houseplants to brighten up the room. Add bright colours to an industrial room to lift the space and make it feel homely and a fun space. For a really low maintenance feel, add fake plants for an effortless pop of green that will last forever. What’s great about houseplants, is they act almost like a neutral colour and won’t distract the eye from the industrial tones you’ve added to your home. See our range of artificial house plants here or instore to complete the look.

We love the industrial trend and it’s modern edge. We hope we’ve given you some inspiration to try out this trend in your home and some key pieces to help you get started. If you need more inspiration on how to achieve this trend, head to one of our stores to see all of our furniture, or browse our collections online. 



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