Buying guide: How to choose the right dining chairs and benches

Looking for the perfect dining room chair or bench? There are many styles and factors to consider, whether you want a uniform look or want to mix and match. So, take a seat; we'll answer the most frequently asked questions below.


Comfort is key when finding the perfect perch. We offer a variety of dining chairs and benches made from different materials like oak, velvet and  rattan to name a few.


Fabric and material

When selecting the right material for your dining chairs and benches, consider who will be using the chair and how frequently it will be used. Non-fabric seating, for example, is ideal for children because sticky fingerprints can be easily wiped away, whereas fabric-upholstered chairs are more versatile, looking elegant in a home office or as a dressing chair in your bedroom.




PU is a faux leather that can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth. However, we recommend that you take yours to a professional for a thorough cleaning. Consider it a low-maintenance alternative to real leather.


Fabric-upholstered chairs and benches are available in polyester, cotton, and linen. You should have each of these types professionally cleaned and kept out of direct sunlight - too much time in the sun can fade their colour. Upholstered seating is also very comfortable.




Velvet has a soft, textured feel and a luxurious appearance. Our velvet-upholstered dining chairs are made of polyester. That means they're tough and long-lasting, making them ideal for everyday use.


How long should my dining bench be?

The ideal length of your dining bench is determined by your personal requirements (how many people do you want to seat?) as well as the length of your current dining table. The standard size of a dining bench is 140cm, but we have benches ranging from 140cm to 180cm. One of the many advantages of benches, regardless of size, is that you can usually squeeze another guest on. Measure between the legs of your dining table to get the dimensions for your bench. Once you've determined the proper dimensions, look at the length of the bench you've chosen; it'll be clearly stated at the bottom of the product page.





How do I clean an upholstered dining chair or bench?

Remove any spills as soon as possible with a dry cloth, gently blotting the surface to remove all liquid. Avoid rubbing and use abrasive cleaners to avoid damaging the fabric. We recommend consulting a professional for larger spills, marks, or stains.




How do I reupholster a dining chair or bench?

We don't recommend that customers reupholster chairs themselves; that is best left to the professionals. But don't worry, we have upholstered and non-upholstered dining chairs to suit any decor style.

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