Buyers Guide: How to Choose the Right Sofa

Buyers Guide: How to Choose the Right Sofa

, by James Ward, 4 min reading time


Are you in the market for a new sofa? If so, it's important to choose the right one. Factors to consider include size, shape, and style. And don't forget comfort! Here are some tips to help you make the best decision.



A sofa is a great way to start your decorating project from scratch. A sofa can be chosen first so you have an idea of what to decorate around it. A showpiece sofa could be upholstered in a vibrant luxury fabric, or covered with an interesting print and become the focal point of any room.

Your sofa's style comes first. Examine the current style of your home and then select a sofa that will complement it. I know this seems apparent, but many people just buy what they like, and unfortunately, what they like doesn't always match the design of the room. It may also clash with the room's rug or the paintings that will hang over the sofa. 

Consider how you want the room to feel when you walk into it. Do you want this place to seem calm and muted (neutral sofa), lively and adventurous (something more colourful), or do you have a very specific theme in mind, such as mid-century modern?







What you intend to do with the sofa is important. With ‘sitting’ being the obvious answer, let’s delve a bit deeper. Is it for a formal sitting room where you'll settle down for drinks when guests arrive? Is it a place where you'll lounge and watch TV every day? Is it for a rumpus room upstairs for the kids where they can invite friends and eat/drink on it? 








It’s a necessity to measure the sofa you're considering before you purchase in order to make sure it fits. The sofa should fill the space nicely without feeling too big or too small. To begin, grab your tape measure and measure the width of your sofa. Consider whether you want side tables next to your sofa, in which case you'll need to add about 50cm on either side of your sofa measurement. The depth of the sofa must also be measured. Some sofas can be up to a metre deep (from the front of the sofa cushion to the back of the sofa). It's also a good idea to measure your current coffee table to ensure it will work with the sofa you want to buy. 



When choosing the perfect couch for your living room, consider who will be using it and what impact that has on maintenance. One important factor to take into account when making this decision is material- each type of fabric or leather offers its own distinct advantages with respect to durability as well ease in cleaning! A leather sofa, for example, is easier to clean than a fabric sofa with children or pets. The disadvantage of leather is that it can be cold in the winter and warm in the summer. Leather sofas are also more difficult to accessorise with cushions. Also, with some pets, leather will show claw holes more easily.








When deciding on the colour of your sofa, it is important to take into account whether you are adding a sofa to an already decorated room or if you’d prefer the sofa to play a supporting role. When selecting a new sofa for an existing colour palette, you must decide if the sofa will be neutral, or if it will take on an accent role.

Some designers use a sofa that matches the wall colour to unify the space and make it appear larger. If you buy a sofa to match your wall colour, changing the wall colour in the future may be difficult.

The most popular technique is to purchase a sofa that compliments the other furnishings, and doesn’t make a statement nor blend in with the wall colour. This is why neutral sofa colours are preferred in most households.






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