5 Ways to Keep a Small Bedroom Organised


Do you love keeping your bedroom relaxing, tidy and spacious, but seem to find clutter creeping back in? We can relate. Small bedrooms are prone to feeling overwhelmed with ‘stuff’. Especially now working from home has become more prominent and bedrooms now double as home offices. With clutter raising our stress levels and hindering productivity and a good night sleep, it's time to banish the clutter and find ways we can keep our small bedrooms organised. Keep reading to find out the 5 top tips we have for you. 



  1. Utilise the space under your bed

If you’re working with a small area, it’s important to use as much of the space as possible and get savvy with storage. Under the bed is a great place to store your things and keep them hidden out of the way. Double beds offer a lot of storage underneath, large enough to fit storage boxes to store extra bedding or seasonal clothing. If storage boxes aren’t for you, opt for a storage bed or an ottoman bed which will provide you with a hidden storage space the size of your whole bed. Vacuum bags are another tip which allow you to squeeze in as much as you can and make the most of your storage space. 




  1. Try a daily 5-minute tidy

There never feels like enough time in a day, but what if we told you 5 minutes could be all you need to keep your space tidy and organised? By upkeeping your bedroom a little bit daily, it could save you hours of deep cleaning and reorganising. 

Keep the floordrobe at bay by taking a few minutes before bed to put away clothes, remove anything that doesn’t belong in your bedroom (rubbish, mugs, dirty laundry) and place everything else back into its designated space. 





  1. Rearrange the furniture

Is your bedroom arranged in a way that makes your space as bright and spacious as possible? Make sure there is enough room for you to easily manoeuvre around your space, you don’t want to feel enclosed or restricted in your own bedroom. You may want to replace any bulky furniture and opt for more streamlined furniture, added storage is also a bonus. Create a relaxing balance with symmetry, such as space either side of your bed for a nightstand.  

Opt for a sliding wardrobe with a large mirror, such as the Aylsham Sliding Wardrobe (as seen above). This will brighten up your room and make it look larger, as well as doubling as a two items in one, so you don't need to worry about where to place your full body mirror - we know the struggle of trying to view your whole outfit in a small room! 



  1. Keep a clear bedside table

We’re all guilty of turning our bedside table into a dumping ground, from used mugs to magazines, the bedside table quickly becomes cluttered with things that don’t have a place. 

Stick to the rule that only items related to sleep or which have a productive purpose have a place on your bedside table. That can include things like alarm clocks, lamps, candles or a place to keep your glasses. Find a home for all of the other things and sleep next to a clear, clutter free bedside table. 

The Cranford Bedside Chest (pictured above) features 3 handy drawers to store all your things, and an extra pull out feature shelf to place your morning coffee, then you can hide it away again when youre finished with it! 




  1. Invest in new storage or furniture

Organising your space is near impossible without the right tools. 

It’s important to keep the size of your room in mind when choosing furniture. A king size storage bed might offer a lot of storage, but it will overcrowd your bedroom and might force you to uncomfortably move around your room. Having a bed that is convenient for your space will allow you to have additional storage options such as wardrobes and drawers, whilst avoiding looking too crammed in a space which should ideally be relaxing. 

The Gloucester Bed Frame (as seen above) features a radiant warm oak finish and rounded corners (no bumping into any sharp edges here) and two large drawers at the foot of the bed, perfect for your storage needs.  Or opt for the End Lift Ottoman Bed,  where the bed base features a spacious area for storing duvets and cushions with an easy-lift function for a clever hideaway.

Furniture with dual purposes are very useful such as mirrors with hidden shelves, ottoman beds and clothing rails that include shoe racks. Storage baskets and blanket boxes are great options for easy clean-ups in your bedroom because you can quickly throw in whatever you need to hide away when any unexpected guests drop by - tidy room in an instant! 



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