5 reasons to fall for a loveseat

5 reasons to fall for a loveseat

, by James Ward, 3 min reading time


Romantic by name, functional by nature.  One of the pleasures of a loveseat is the added attention to the design which promotes comfortability. You’ll often find they are wrapped in sumptuous fabrics like velvet, have matching footstools or come with lower armrests to encourage a relaxing lounge. A  loveseat accommodates for two people - providing you are comfortable in each other's personal space, they can equally be used as a lounger for one. 




Not too big, not too small, but just right.


Smaller than a sofa, but larger than an armchair, a loveseat is great for when you want something big enough to lounge in without it overwhelming your space. Whether you don’t have the room for a sofa, or you just have an unused corner you want to fill, a loveseat is the perfect solution. One more thing to note - they allow you to curl up comfortably due to their renowned sofa-like depth, unlike an armchair where you can sometimes feel a bit squished in. 




They mean well


The loveseat has nothing but sweet, good-spirited intentions. They got the name because they encourage sharing and bringing everyone together. Enjoy a lounge in front of a movie with someone’s company you enjoy, whether it be your respective other half, child, niece, nephew, or maybe your cuddly cat, dog or rabbit. 





Small rooms rejoice


If your living room is on the smaller side and you're racing for the comfortable seat on the sofa, ending up on the armchair can feel like you've drawn the short straw. With a loveseat in the mix, no one's comfortability and relaxation will be compromised - everyone will be kicking back and lounging out. You'll get the extra personal space too, it's a win-win! 



There’s an anecdotal story to them


The story of the loveseat dates back to the 17th century. Originally designed to cater to the multi-layered cupcake-style dresses and skirts worn by women of high society, they needed some place to lay out all that material when they came to pull up a pew. An armchair simply couldn't handle all that volume so a smaller sofa was designed to cater to the fashions of the time.

Over the decades as skirts became slimmer, the loveseat remained and became popular when courting so that flirtatious conversations could happen but inches away from one another, hence the term, loveseat.




They can be the comfiest seat in the house


With its sizable seat space and its closer relation to the sofa than the armchair, a loveseat is as comfortable as they come. Look at the Metro swivel cuddler chair (bottom left) - a loveseat large in size, with deep, plump cushions, high back and a swivel functionality which will take you to a whole new level of relaxation. Or the luxurious Bella (bottom right), with feather filled back cushions and sumptuous velvet, you’ll be too comfy to leave your seat. Even though they’re catered for sharing, no one is saying you have to. Enjoy a loveseat all to yourself - with cosiness that a sofa just can’t give you. An armchair’s snug nature and a sofa’s lounge-out quality - it’s the best of both worlds.



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