5 lighting ideas to transform your home this autumn


As the days become darker, the light sources in your home become more essential than ever. After all, lighting has the unique capacity to change the ambience of any space imaginable. Light, like colour, has the ability to elevate your mood and surround you with comforting style. There is no single secret to success, from the all-important ceiling light to floor lamps, opulent table lamps, and wall lights. Each area in the house has a particular purpose and hence requires a varied approach to lighting ideas. While kitchens and offices must often be cheerful and bright, living rooms and bedrooms benefit from a softer touch. However, light is much more than just a source of illumination. After you've evaluated the functional components of your lighting design, it's time to think about making a statement.


Don’t settle for poor lighting

'Central ceiling lights can create a dull atmosphere in your home and have an impact on the overall mood of the space. As a result, rather than relying just on one light in the centre of the room, we suggest utilising as many light sources as possible. Table lamps and floor lamps, for example, are great. These innovative light sources contribute to the creation of pools of light that create a welcoming atmosphere and warmth. Furthermore, you may reposition these around your home where needed for added lighting!

In relation to fabulous table lamps, we adore the Bronze Ceramic Table Lamp for creating a glorious golden glow in any space. Additionally, we love an industrial floor lamp such as the Black Wood Film Light Table Lamp as it adds a vintage feel to any room, whilst being a clever angled lighting solution.


Make Sure Your Lighting Ideas Consider The Function Of The Room

Our homes are working harder than ever to provide a relaxing haven. However, they must also become adaptable areas for daily life and new home office configurations. As a result, evaluating the function of the area is essential in creating a home environment that works for you. And lighting can play a significant role in this! Consider how you want to use the space and think about adding task lighting for the jobs at hand. When cooking, wall lights are ideal for illuminating kitchen workspaces. Table lamps, on the other hand, are great for creating a cosy space for people working from home during the winter.


Always Install Your Light On A Dimmer

'Although it may seem like a simple suggestion, putting your lights on a dimmer may radically transform your room. This clever trick allows you to customise the amount of light that floods the space based on your mood as well as the amount of natural light available outside.


Embrace Lighting Ideas That Celebrate Light And Shade

Although precise levels of light are important, shade and shadow should also be considered to add depth and drama. The central ceiling light may be a great way to experiment with shadows, either by selecting a design with rattan/woven textures that allow light to show through, or by embracing a chandelier that reflects light patterns around the room. Another wonderful tip is to arrange the shade of your table lamps or floor lamps to highlight various display features such as house plants, eccentric ornaments, or artwork. This creates distinct shadows on the walls and adds drama to the elements you want to showcase in your home.


Create Ambience & Mood Lighting With Candlelight

Nothing beats candlelight for setting the tone and creating a gorgeous glow of light that revitalises your surroundings. Everything looks great in this natural and romantic light, so we always recommend lighting plenty of candles in the home. Dinner candles that are styled on the table, classic pillar candles, and luscious scented candles that awaken the senses... There is no such thing as too many candles!


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