4 Sofa Trends To Look Out for in 2023


Ready to take your home décor game up a notch? 2023 is bringing some serious sofa trends that will make comfort and happiness the centrepiece of your interior design.  

1.  It’s going to be the year of colour 


Topping this list, dopamine decor has been making its big comeback - think bright yellow sofas with feel-good textures!  After lockdown, people everywhere began rethinking their home's atmosphere - now more than ever before they're looking for spaces filled with happiness-inducing elements like this vibrant yellow Lavagne sofa! Judging from recent popularity it looks as if these sunny designs will continue trending well into 2023.



2.  Sofa’s that spark conversation


Ready to get the conversation flowing? This year, design is encouraging more meaningful connections. The comeback of cosy and inviting conversation pits has been a popular way of fostering an intimate setting amongst friends or family members - but changing up your architecture isn't necessary! Our cloud sofa offers that classic 'pit-look', providing flexibility in shape and size whilst delivering on comfort for you and those around you. Get ready to gather together this season with the perfect spot where conversations can soar high like fluffy clouds in a big blue sky!

3.  Biophilic design is back in


If you're wanting to embrace nature and bring some of the outdoors inside in 2021, then biophilic design is certainly your trend.   Our Alexander & James Bailey sofa provides a neutral vibe which can be spruced up with natural-inspired accents for an idyllic environment that effortlessly transitions from indoors to out.



4.  Curved comfy sofas 


Experience unparalleled comfort and effortless style with our Scott-02 sofas, crafted from solid wood plinths for durability. These stylish pieces bring a whole new level of relaxation to any living space; their rounded corners and deep cushions providing an inviting atmosphere that is sure to make your home the envy of all who visit! Make waves in contemporary design by incorporating this unique sofa’s curvy silhouette into your décor. 


Why not combine all trends above by opting for a statement sofa with curved edges . Dress up the sofa with biophilic decor. Finally arrange your furniture in a way that facilitates natural conversation. There you have it, a trendy and comfortable sofa just in time for the new year - let the compliments roll in!


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