Top 3 interior trends for Autumn 2020

With a familiar chill in the air and the darker nights creeping in, the Autumn season is officially upon us. The best time of year to cosy up and appreciate the indoors, we all want to make our homes as warm and inviting as possible. If you're looking to update your decor, here are a few of our favourite trends for the season and how to style them. Click the images to shop the collections...



Making more eco-friendly choices is the most stylish way to decorate your home this season. As well as showing off its natural beauty and rustic finish, our reclaimed wood department also boasts sustainability in both design and function. Fill your home with unique pieces, handmade with eco-friendly upcycled wood and create a whole new look that puts the planet first. If you're not looking to update your furniture but want to take a more sustainable approach to your home decor, take a look at our recycled glass collection, a range of unique vases hand-blown in Spain by local artisans.


Warm Palettes

This season sees an old interior favourite of warmer, earthy tones from chocolate brown to burnt orange make a welcome return to the spotlight. Don't worry, you don't necessarily need a new paint job to enjoy this look. Although soft chocolate walls would serve this look well, you can achieve a warmer colour palette with a few accessory updates. Indulge in warm-hued accessories such as our range of wicker baskets or our Brown Wicker Heart to bring some new earthy colour to your home. If you're looking to refresh your sofa and love this trend, the Bailey 3 Seater Sofa by Alexander & James is the perfect piece to achieve this fall-inspired look.


Cosy Country

You don't have to live in the countryside to get the country look, just a little carefully curated styling. Achieving that typical rural styled interior requires a combination of rustic textures, farmhouse-inspired pieces and old-timey accessories. Start with the bigger picture, for example, our Country Cottage bedroom collection. With a two-tone finish and chunky wood tops, these painted pieces are typical of modern farmhouse style and the perfect base for creating the cosy country look. Then opt for natural furnishings such as a rustic jute rug to bring a feeling of nature indoors. Finish off with a few elegant touches whether it's our gold Cambridge mirror or the classic Jude Armchair by Alexander & James.


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