Styling Our Wilson

Dressing a sofa and adding layers to a room will give the space a stylish lift. Everyone has a different look they want to go for so style your home to suit you.

To give you some inspiration, we’ve dressed our Wilson 3-seater sofa. Sometimes it can be tricky to style something that is already so…stylish! Especially when you have bright and bold statement colours to work with, you don’t want to take anything away, but you also don’t want to overpower the overall look either, try to find a nice medium where you either enhance a feature product or make the whole look blend and work together nicely.


One of the ways you can style a room is by colour co-ordinating between the different elements.

Adding textiles to a room can give the space some depth and warmth and really help to give it a cosy and homely feel. Adding rugs and cushions are a good way to achieve this. We’ve opted for a black cushion to contrast against the mustard upholstery of the Wilson


Adding lighting can also be a great way to lift the space and add ambience. Placing lighting next to or facing them towards areas you want to highlight can add a nice effect. We’ve added a black shaded lamp to match the colour aesthetics but also to provide soft, mood lighting that isn’t too bright for the space.


We've also opted for a dark shaggy rug that isn’t a stark black to overpower the room, but it still highlights the sofa and adds warmth.


Adding other pieces of furniture in the room not only has practical uses but can also complement the style you are trying to achieve in your room and help to fill empty spaces. We’ve added 2 side tables that are slightly different in size to add some more depth and character to the sofa. Even though the legs of the tables are silver, the style of them work well with the sofa and that dark marble edge and glass compliment the colour scheme.


Finally, adding little touches to the room can really finish it of neatly. We’ve added a black vase with some gold detailing to complete the look.


We hope you can take some inspiration from this to create your own unique look. We’d love to see how you style your home, share your interior snaps with us on our socials!


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