Statement wall art for summer

Choosing the right wall art for your home is all about going for a timeless piece that you know you'll love for years to come. This summer, revitalise your living space and add some life with these summer themed framed pictures...


Beach Liquid Artwork with Swarovski Crystals

This idyllic beach scene is the perfect way of bringing a hint of paradise to your living space. Adorned in genuine Swarovski Crystals, this work of art shimmers in the light adding depth to really bring the painting to life. Beach Liquid Artwork with Swarovski Crystals £119.99.


Crab Hand-Painted Wall Art

Featuring deep orange and rust tones, this gorgeous crab painting is a unique piece of art for your home. Hand-painted with pheasant feathers this art work has a real natural feel with great detail that emanates an abundance of character. Crab Hand-Painted Wall Art £99.99.


Blue Coast Liquid Wall Art

 Beautifully textured with an array of soft blues and greys, this hand-painted coastal scene makes a great abstract statement piece for your home. Featuring a liquid glass layer, the waves really come to life making this painting truly unique. Blue Coast Liquid Wall Art £99.99.


Zebra Wall Art

Add a splash of colour to your home with this gorgeous zebra painting. Hand-painted and hand-embellished, this piece of art will bring life and character to your room as an eye-catching statement, full of bright tones which are perfect for summer. Zebra Wall Art £119.99.


Octopus Hand-Painted Wall Art

For a coastal look that's slightly different, this unique octopus painting uses darker tones to create a dramatic and unusual piece. The attractive colouring means it will suit a variety of interior styles bringing a hint of summer through an alternative look. Octopus Hand-Painted Wall Art £99.99.


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