Malvern Bedroom Collection

New Arrival


Brand new online, our Malvern bedroom collection is here to refresh and update your bedroom with a stylish blend of classic and contemporary design. As a growing trend over recent years, painted wood is now a staple feature in many rustic styled homes, taking traditional wood carpentry and dousing it in fresh paint. The Malvern collection leaves some surfaces untouched creating a stylish contrasting two-tone design.

Each piece is available in a soft grey painted grey or a bright white so you can style the colouring to your home or even mix and match.


Shop the whole collection and create a modern yet timelessly styled bedroom, starting from just £69.

 1. Malvern 2 Over 3 Chest £349

2. Malvern Trinket Mirror £79

3. Malvern Dressing Table £249

4. Malvern Stool £69


5. Malvern Small Mirror £89


6. Malvern Large 2 Door Wardrobe £599

7. Malvern 4 Drawer Narrow Chest £249


8. Malvern Large Bedside £129

9. Malvern Bed Frame from £249

10. Malvern Full Hanging Wardrobe £399


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