Keep Calm As You Carry On Working From Home

As we enter a new and yet again uncertain year, for some working from home is the new norm whilst for others it might be your first time in your new at-home office and work space. Although your home isn’t a new place for you, it is a different environment completely when it comes to working. Whether you have your own dedicated office at home or if you're having to set up in a make-shift work space in one of your rooms, ensure you are able to work comfortably.


Ensuring your work setting for the day isn’t uncomfortable is important. Even if you don’t have an office chair, try to find another chair in your home that is comfortable. Add some extra cushions to give yourself extra support, that way your posture won’t be affected. It’s a tempting thought being able to sink into your sofa and work from there but for busy households and with schools being closed, the sofa is likely to be off limits. Try and find an area of your home where you’ll be least distracted.


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 A top tip to working productively is to make sure you have adequate lighting in your work space. Natural light is best and also making sure the space isn’t too dark and dull or that your work space is covered with lots of shadows. When in a dark space or for those short winter days where it gets dark quite early, make sure you have a good task light. You don’t want to cause any strain to your eyes, especially if your work consists of looking at a screen for many hours. If you are using a desk or table, where possible try moving it near a window where you can get a good amount of natural light in. 

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 Having an organised work space can help you to be productive. Given being at home sometimes it isn’t always easy to have a clutter free area to work in, but taking a couple of minutes at the start of each day to tidy up the space, removing anything that could distract you or even clearing up some free space in a drawer to create a temporary filling area or a place to put all your work related items so it doesn’t end up getting misplaced in your home, is a good way to prevent unwanted distraction and lack of motivation if you see a messy work environment. Shop the Ashington dressing table here >>



Staying organised also means planning and creating a routine for yourself. Sometimes if you live with others or have things around you that can cause distraction, plan out your day as thoroughly as you can and make time for what’s important for you, time for spending with family and also time for getting your work done. It can be easy to just go off and join the family in the front room or play with your pets and put work to the back of your mind, but if you can follow a strict plan for yourself you’ll be able to fit in time for other things during your day if you work effectively and in an organised way.


A huge asset to any work space is a desk plant or any addition of greenery from nature. From reducing stress levels to providing cleaner air, not only does having a plant or many plants cultivate a good working atmosphere, it has so many more benefits. Most importantly it keeps you connected to nature, something significant at a time like this during lockdown, where our interaction with the outdoors is limited.


  It can be difficult working in a new space even if it is a familiar one like your own home, but we hope these tips were useful and that you can get adjusted to the current way of working!


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