Inside our summer 2020 lookbook

Take a peek inside our summer lookbook and discover our favourite pieces of the season...


Victoria James Hampstead 2 Seater Sofa

At the heart of our summer 2020 lookbook, the Hampstead by Victoria James Designs in a soft beige linen. This look is all about functional luxury, and linen is the ideal functional fabric for summer. Breathable, cooling and durable, linen is a go-to fabric for our summer wardrobes, so why not choose it for our home decor? Chic and elegant, the Hampstead epitomises modern-classic styling.


Hackney Diamond Rug

The Hackney rug in taupe and cream complements the soft tones of the sofa with a bold pattern that adds a contemporary look. The neutral tones of this piece along with the modern diamond pattern make it perfect for updating any living room space.


Brass Oversized Task Floor Lamp

A material that looks good in any season, brass looks particularly beautiful in the summer light. We added brass and gold touches to hone in on the luxurious feel and bring a metallic brightness reminiscent of the summer sun. This oversized floor lamp is ideal for making a lighting statement and achieving a cosier living room atmosphere.


Mongolian Putty Cushion

For another fun, contemporary addition this fur cushion in a soft baby pink is great for adding some light, subtle colour to this look.

Antique Brass Round Wall Mirror

Colour matching the brass floor lamp, this wall mirror boasts an antique finish. The circular shape complements the soft lines of the Hamstead sofa for an elegantly styled accessory. 

Green Bamboo Palm

No matter the look, modern or classic, every room deserves a touch of greenery to bring a natural essence. Adding a burst of exotic colour to this look, this artificial bamboo palm plant breaks up the neutral tones with welcome hues of green.


Gatsby Coffee Table

To finish off, this modern birdcage style coffee table has the perfect combination of elegance and contemporary styling, fitting in perfectly with this look. The open, caged design makes this piece great for smaller rooms, avoiding blocking any floor space.


 See the summer lookbook and shop the pieces here.

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