Inside Our Spring 2021 Look Book

 Soft pinks and earthy neutrals are great colours to have on your walls and in your room to bring a fresh spring look into your home. As the days get longer and warmer, adding a splash of yellow as a feature colour on the wall will really brighten your space, and it is right on trend as one of the popular colours for 2021.


 Spring is all about new beginnings, fresh buds are blooming, and the green earth is coming to life again. Houseplants are a great feature to have as they come with many benefits but having some decorative foliage and pink and white flowers will help to add a pop of spring colour and a glimpse of nature into your home. We’ve chosen these pink buds in a clear vase so you can see more of the green detail and the artificial bamboo leaves are a great corner space filler. Shop Artificial plants >>

 The arrival of Spring brings more daylight and one of the best ways to utilise this beautiful natural light and brighten all corners of your home is to style mirrors into your room. It’ll help the light bounce around the room creating a great effect as well as make your space look bigger. We’ve selected this quirky circular patterned gold mirror to reflect the sun and its golden rays. Shop Mirror >>

The Mozart dining collection is an ideal choice for a spring look. The hand-designed parquet inlay and aged grey surfaces against the slender gunmetal grey legs really makes the wood stand out, adding to the natural look. The contemporary design gives it a modern edge and as it isn’t a heavy collection, it will fit into any dining space neatly and display a breezy, refreshing look. 

Spring cleaning means decluttering our homes and making space for the new. The 3 door Mozart sideboard is a stylish and functional piece of furniture that will help you to organise your room as it matches beautifully with the dining table.

We’ve paired the table with our mustard Aiden dining chairs to match the yellow feature colour of the room. The velvet, detailed upholstery creates warmth and the handy swivel base in a dark metallic finish matches well with the other metallic elements in the room. Shop the Aiden >>

Textiles are a great way to add warmth and the rug adds character to the space as it features a geometric pattern with contrasting colours. Once again this brightens the room and adds a modern Scandi feel whilst also tying in with the diamond crossed inlay on the wooden surfaces. Having a different colour to contrast everything else in the room adds interest so your eyes can focus on different points and the creamy white is a good fit with the neutral spring colour palette. Shop rug >>

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