How to style the Tuscan Spring collection

Carefully hand-crafted from natural reclaimed wood, the Tuscan Spring bedroom collection is incredibly unique with an inspiring design. Conspicuous panelling highlights each wooden board for an authentically rustic feel, while the stripped-back neutral colour highlights every grain, knot and imperfection. The collection sees influence from rural Italy, channelling fresh spring mornings through the cool tones inspired by the colour of ancient olive trees. Create your very own rural retreat and relax and unwind with timeless bedroom decor...


By adding a touch of industrial styling, your bedroom will gain from a touch of contemporary design, bringing this look right up to date. Incorporating rustic metal such as our Open Wire Industrial Table Lamp will enhance the raw beauty of the Tuscan Spring pieces. 

To counter this, we've opted for softer tones through the Sloan Taupe Rug which is nicely versatile but also quite striking with its bold geometric design, introducing another modern element to the room.

Part of the collection, the Tuscan Spring Wall Mirror is the ideal way to add both light and depth to your room while complementing the other pieces.


Cute and charming, our Grey Resin Rabbit fits right in with this look, sparking thoughts of outdoors and nature. And what better way to complement the rustic & rural theme than with some authentic wicker. These lidded wicker laundry baskets will bring an interesting texture to your bedroom as well as a really cosy feel.

Finally, a touch of green will go a long way to complete this look. With a nod to the Italian roots of the collection, we've added this charming artificial olive branch to complement the natural tones of the wood and add some welcome colour to the room. 


Shop the look

1. Open Wire Table Lamp £69.99

2. Olive Branch £12.99

3. Grey Resin Rabbit £29.99

4. Tuscan Spring Mirror £129.99

5. Sloan Taupe Rug £69.99

6. Wicker Laundry Baskets (set of 2) £159.99


Adding fairy lights to any bedroom is a must, but with the Tuscan Spring collection, dainty lighting additions are even more charming!


The Tuscan Spring collection goes great with neutral wall colours, we suggest a dark grey accent wall with blue undertones to really enhance the cool grey shade of the natural reclaimed wood.

The Tuscan Spring collection is not only super stylish but also eco-conscious, made from reclaimed timbers upcycled to be given a new lease of life. Shop the whole collection here...



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