Cushions to brighten up your home

Cushions to brighten up your home

, by James Ward, 2 min reading time

Cushions are one of the easiest and most effective ways to incorporate colour into your living space. If you’re nervous about making a particular colour the focal point of your room, cushions are a great way of giving you that colour fix without imposing on your decor…


Bingham Cushion, Mustard

Introducing bright mustard tones to your living room not only works through summer but is also a trend that follows right through to the winter months for a seamless addition of colour. Bright, yet not overpowering, this softly textured cushion features cut velvet dots creating a smooth almost suede feel with a delicate sheen. Bingham Mustard Cushion £25.99.

Mongolian Cushion, Putty

On the other end of the colour spectrum, opting for dusty pink tones can bring a softer addition of colour that looks great layered on top of darker pinks, grey or even blue. Made from Tibetan lamb’s wool with a real suede back, this ‘Putty’ coloured cushion will bring a hint of contemporary luxury to your living space. Mongolian Putty Cushion £49.99.

Santorini Cushion, Heather

Although it may not seem it, purple is actually a very versatile colour that can look good in a variety of interior styles, from laid-back boho to gold-infused art deco. Also known as a calming colour, the right tone of purple can add colour in a more understated way, avoiding a dramatic decor change - our Santorini cushion can do just that with the gentle velvet glow of a natural heather hue. Heather Santorini Cushion £19.99.

Mongolian Cushion, Emerald

Although a popular interior design trend; emerald may seem like a daunting colour to incorporate into home for the first time. If you’re hesitant about bringing darker tones of green into your living space - try textured accents such as this lamb’s wool Mongolian cushion for a more subtle introduction of this strong, energetic colour. Mongolian Emerald Cushion £49.99.

Stockholm Cushion, Aqua

Blue is a welcoming colour that has the ability to create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home. Complementing a variety of colour schemes, this powder toned cushion features a white grain and textured fabric, bringing depth as well as colour to your living space with a refreshing splash of blue. Aqua Stockholm Cushion £29.99.


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