Corner Sofas Roundup

That icy winter cold is still here and the home is the perfect place to hide away until that much needed spring sun arrives... so why not snuggle up and hibernate on one of our super comfy corner sofas, made for the style-conscious who love to relax...



One of our best sellers for a reason, the Bella corner chaise emanates pure luxury with a gorgeous opulent velvet cover fabric and spacious seat cushions for ultimate high-end comfort.


For a contemporary twist on luxury lounging, the Forte corner is the perfect choice. This design will fit into a variety of interior styles and provide your living room with a modern homely atmosphere. 


The Quebec is the epitome of relaxation. This spacious corner provides superior comfort with a smooth suede fabric and two reclining seats for the perfect place to rest your legs after a long day.


 With smooth lines and deep cushions that offer irresistible comfort, the Annabella corner is a perfect choice for the modern home that is looking for that extra hint of indulgence. 


The Alaska boasts a minimalist look with a chic grey fabric and contemporary oblique features. This corner is a great option for those who prefer clean lines and a simple yet striking design.


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