Brighten your Home this Summer with Pastels

Forget what you think you know about the pastel shades- the dreamy new palettes are still soft, delicate and pretty, but they're also surprisingly striking, especially when paired with playful prints and unexpected accent colours. Prepare to be uplifted by our cheerful selection.



Cheery pale yellow

It’s easy to take a shine to this sunny shade that conjures summery notions with limoncello hues. For a backdrop to pastel yellow accessories, choose just-off-white for the walls, and warm wood flooring- the room will appear dipped from floor to ceiling in this mood-boosting colour. 

Anchor creamy lemon tones with a large hero piece of furniture, for example a sofa in a sky blue fabric, and accessorise with rosy pink patterned throws and cushions to tie the whole look together. Intensify the heat with lively pops of bold primary colours. 



Powdery soft lilac

Having made a strong comeback, lilac has attached itself to the playful trio of sugar-sweet pastels (mint, sherbet and rose) that continues to reign as a design trend. Done the right way, soft purples feel modern and sophisticated - ground this look by teaming them with darker plums and black accents, and mix in industrial and natural elements such as concrete and wood. 

Choose natural, rustic wood with touches of brass and a marble worktop for a stunning contrast.

Picking nature- inspired colours is a no-fail approach for conjuring up a soothing scheme. Paler hues, such as lavender and lilac, have a grey undertone that can be enlivened by being teamed with a deeper plum or aubergine for a calm and romantic look. 



Dream mint green

Soothing, invigorating and surprisingly versatile, this cool green with a gentle hint of blue provides a flexible backdrop for a range of styles and colour schemes. Juxtapose this blue-tinged green with a fresher mint to strike a clever balance between warm and cool, and pepper up the look with curvy lines, natural finishes and lots of houseplants. 

Muted mint has all the benefits of a neutral - adaptable, subtle and practical - but can add cheerful liveliness at the same time. Drench your space with this shade to create an all-round freshness.



Sugary blush pink

Taking on the versatile characteristic of a warm neutral, this easy-going hue is perfect for adding the softest blush of colour to any room. Coat your walls in this sugary shade and then use hints of charcoal or black to give it a more grown-up feel. Strategic pops of yellow will add a burst of energy. Geometric patterns and a pastel-toned rug will help bring the look together.

Mint and pink is a powerful pairing that will stand the test of time

In an understated scheme of soft pinks, mint will bring a layer of depth. Here, a statement pendant steals the spotlight, while sculptural seating grounds this airy scheme. Experiment with sinuous lines, ribbed textures and abstract shapes for a chic and modern finish. 

Some of our pastel products...



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  1. Bingham Putty Cushion
  2. Bingham Mustard Cushion
  3. Aqua Stockholm Cushion
  4. Victoria James Scott 3 Seater Sofa
  5. Cascade Duck Egg Rug
  6. Holborn Pastel Rug
  7. Milo Pink Rug
  8. Cascade Heather Rug
  9. Tetrad Waffle Chair
  10. Matt Black Task Lamp
  11. Crassula Potted 
  12. Blush Pink Velvet 
  13. Lavagne Large Corner Group

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