5 Ways To Country Style Your Living Space

Subtle ambience, classic elegance and a lived-in aesthetic, country style living has never been an outdated look. Not only is it a versatile style, it is a trend that can suit and adapt to your personal preferences and liking. Although not everyone has the luxury of living out in the countryside or in spacious traditional homes, country style decor can be incorporated into any space you have, especially in living rooms to small or large lounge areas of all shapes, sizes and styles. For those looking to completely renovate your living space into a country-inspired look or if you're looking to just add some country charm and cosiness to your space, this guide will detail all the elements that you can consider to help you create the look and feel you aspire to achieve.


Choosing your colour scheme


As this trend is quite versatile, it is really about what works for you when choosing your colour palette. However, one of the attributes of the country style look is that it is welcoming, so there are a few things you should think about when selecting the colours that are going to be featured in your space. Soft shades and warm-toned neutrals are a good idea to begin with, almost acting as a base which can be added to further. For those wanting to keep the bright and airy look throughout, you could pair warm neutrals with shades of soft rustic greens to replicate natural surroundings and oranges to give warmth to the space. If you still want to keep the room looking bright but want a cooler aesthetic, try pairing neutrals with pastels like blues and lavenders. To add a more distinct personal touch or to create an undaunted look, deeper colours can be used to that effect.


Adding textures to your space 


To add depth to your space, it is always a good idea to add a variety of textures. This can be done by incorporating different pieces of furniture as well as accessories. Wooden furniture and accent pieces work particularly well when trying to achieve the country style look, especially rustic and distressed pieces. To keep in theme with the classic style, choosing sofas with natural fabrics and linen upholstery work quite well, giving a warm and cosy feel to the space. To bring the style forward for a more contemporary look, you can add a leather sofa instead, the material tends to wear well and keep up its appearance so you can still achieve the same effect.

The addition of textiles is great because not only are you adding a variety of textures to the space but you are also layering up to create a cosy and comfortable feel. Rugs can be a good place to start, the style can vary from antique prints and patterns, neutral single colour rugs or even thick and plush. The rugs can even be placed over a carpeted floor to add more depth to the room. Accessorising the space with scatter cushions, throws and blankets to compliment or match your colour palette is an easy way to add character to the room.  

Timeless pieces 


Building a collection of furniture pieces can really bring out the best of the space. Woods like oak, cesar and in particular reclaimed timbers that display the natural wood grains and knots contribute heavily to radiate the classic country style. Rustic and distressed pieces or even pairing different colour wood furnishings together to compliment each other can work quite well to. As mentioned before, going for a fabric or leather sofa will still allow you to maintain the country look, however it is the style that will really make the impact. Whether it be a corner sofa or a freestanding classical sofa design with decorative legs, with an abundance of prints, fabrics and colours to choose from, finding one that suits your taste and meets your needs will be easy.



Focusing on focal features


A lot of living spaces tend to have a feature that could be used as a focal point for the room. This could be a perturting wall, a fireplace, large windows or even wooden beams if you have a traditional style home. Fireplaces and mantle pieces are a staple feature of country style living rooms, a freestanding fireplace or log burner also works great. However, you can make the most of any feature that you have. Adding a contrasting colour to a feature wall, highlighting any period features and cornicing and even arranging the furniture around a focal point in your space will help to create maximum impact.

Bring light to your space 


Lighting is an essential part of creating ambience for any space. Depending on what type of atmosphere you are trying to create, it can either enhance or diminish the space. A country style living space is associated with calm and comfort and you need to be able to control the lighting to get this. If your room does not get a lot of natural light, ensuring nothing is in the way of any light entering the room is important. You can adjust the lighting levels depending on what type of feel you want to create. Adding shaded table lamps around the room with yellow light can add warmth and decorative lamps can add a statement. If you prefer cooler or brighter tones, adding white lights or a glass or unshaded overhead light would work for you. Adding lighting to different areas of the room and at different heights can also add definition and interest to your space.




Decor is important and some of the ideas mentioned above will be useful when styling your room however, you should also think about the practical use of the space and ensure there are elements which will support your living style. For those looking to create a cosy and comforting space for themselves or for family, making use of different textiles, cushions and classic sofa designs will help to achieve this as well as adding storage facilities hidden away in furniture pieces which is often needed in some households.  For those who enjoy entertaining, the way you arrange and organise your space is key to create a spacious environment. Adding a foot stool or floor cushions can allow for extra seating. For quiet nights and a warm space to enjoy, adding ambient lighting and blankets can help you to relax. Shelving units with a variety of aesthetic ornaments or even an array of books for those looking for a reading escape in their space is also a nice and charming touch.

The living room can be the heart of the home so you want to make sure the space reflects that. However, achieving the country style look for your living place does not need to be exhausting. The most important thing is that you make your space work for you and your needs and requirements. A few careful and considerate design choices can help you to turn your space into the welcoming, country styled home you’ve endeavoured to create.


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