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3 top interior design tips to add autumn colour and bring winter warmth to your home this season

Treat yourself to a new look this autumn and winter with a few simple changes to your home.

Vicky Ward, owner of family-owned FW Homestores, founded in 1993 on the ethos of high-
quality and stylish design at an affordable price, outlines her three top tips:

1. Swap out your colours
Colours can really change a room – so if you’re looking for a way to update your space,
“swap out” your room’s accessories with completely different ones for a new look.

Why not also try a new lick of paint in a new shade – even just a feature wall?

This year, grey remains a popular choice in interior design but think about what you could
team it up with. If you already have it as a base, make the most of its versatility by combining
it with something new.

To lift your rooms, why not bring in some gorgeous jewel tones? These beautiful colours
work in so many different settings and can be used to complement a variety of trends and
styles. Try orange, gold, emerald green, royal blue, teals or magenta – all will add a splash
of colour to any space you put them in.

And don’t forget, jewel tones fit both classic interiors and modern trends, so don’t be afraid
to play about with them if you’re looking for new furniture pieces or accessories. For the
brave, add jewel tones with a stylish armchair. Try the Jude Armchair from Alexander &
James that comes in three fabulous shades.

Otherwise, try rugs and cushions in jewel tones for a little pop of colour. Our Ochre ruched
velvet cushion and rust Milo rug are the ideal accessories for this autumn and winter.

2. Add in new textures

Changing your textures can be transformational if your room is looking a little flat.

Introduce contrasting textures through furniture or accessories to add dimension and bring
new life to a room.

Try pairing textured cushions and rugs with leather sofas to add extra visual interest. And
don’t be afraid to play with things you think may not go together....

We love pairing sheepskin and leather for a dramatic contrast and to bring warmth to the

As winter approaches, people are looking for plush fabrics for extra comfort and welcome –
and velvet is a great texture to add to a room you are looking to make over. It’s a luxurious
fabric, making it a bold but fashionable choice.

Incorporate it in your home with timeless styles from furniture stores that never go out of
fashion, such as the Victoria James Scott sofa, which is our must-have piece this season. It
combines the classic silhouette of a chesterfield sofa with the plush textures of velvet for a
contemporary sofa that’s the perfect place to relax.

3. Plan ahead!

This is the most important step, and it is worth taking your time on it.
Know what’s not working for you in your current space and what you’d like to change.
Whether you keep your interior design ideas in a Pinterest board, or just in your head, this
will allow you to refine your choices.

Do look at what is popular at the moment, such as the current natural look, but perhaps
choose one or two larger pieces that will stand the test of time.
We stock a range of reclaimed wooden furniture that not only gives great naturalistic detail
that’s perfect for this season’s trend but is also made ethically and sustainably.

We’d suggest starting with our Metro range for the base of a dining room. This is a warm
toned collection that has rustic details and a criss-cross pattern making it a top choice for
this season’s trends.

We’d recommend where possible, thinking about what you’ll love in five years’ time,
especially if you’re considering investing in bigger pieces. This will help you to create a
space that will be perfect for you well into the future.

Check out our interview with the North Devon Gazette on the top trends to look out for this season here.

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