2020 Home Trends

With exciting new trends emerging from sleek black furniture to pale reclaimed timbers, 2019 has been an interesting year in the world of interior design. The Scandi movement has influenced many UK homes over the past few years, now we're seeing this movement evolve and adapt to the current times, introducing a more rustic edge. Along with this, we're starting to see a return to classic interiors, re-winding further than mid-century design right back to traditional Chesterfields and detailed sculpturing.


Take inspiration from these key trends for the new year.


Black & White

As a constant undercurrent trend in interior design, monochrome will never cease to be stylish, however, the way in which we style it is ever-changing. This season is all about bold contrast between black and white, creating a dramatic look with timeless style.



Conspicuous Glamour

From art-deco gold to retro copper, this trend is all about creating an eclectic mix of the most glamorous pieces. Combining new and old will add an exciting buzz to the look, making a bold statement of timelessness.




 A prominent trend in 2019, natural stone and marble will carry through to 2020 as a strong look. As a natural material, marble has the ability to bring an essence of nature into your home while offering a more glamorous feel to your decor.




Creating a safe and inviting home environment, wicker and rattan pieces can create the cosiest of atmospheres. Even introducing one or two wicker pieces into your room can create a warmer atmosphere, and that's what this trend is all about.



Classic Interiors

Chesterfield button backs, scrolled arms, and elegant sculpturing - classic interiors are making a welcome return in 2020. But don't worry, this trend doesn't involve a complete decor overhaul, be creative and mix and match your modern pieces with more traditional pieces for an eclectic style.



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