2019 - Our Top 6 Interior Trends

It’s a new year which means a spectrum of new, exciting trends to look forward to. We have gathered together our favourite trend predictions of 2019 for the ultimate new year makeover.

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Art Deco

A trend we’ve been indulging in recently, the right choice of Art Deco furnishings can bring a real sense of elegance to your home. By incorporating this trend, modern spaces become infused with antique luxury whilst more traditional styled interiors take on a soft and complimentary addition of 1920’s glamour. We recommend subtle hints of this trend as opposed to a complete overhaul to ensure a timeless look.


Discover your inner Bohemian by adorning your home with rugged textures, hand-made pieces and Aztec patterns. Nomad style has become a timeless look over the years that can bring a real sense of character to your home with the ability to go as subtle or overstated as you like and still achieve an on-trend look.

Mixed Metals

From industrial chic copper tones to elegant and ornate golds, incorporating metal into your home can completely transform a look. We recommend picking two distinctive and opposing metals and confidently placing these into your chosen room for a bold, fashionable statement.

Pattern Overload

If your going to incorporate patterned furniture and accessories into your home this year, then take it as over the top as you dare by mixing a variety of patterns and styles in an on trend eclectic style.


One of the biggest trends of winter 2018, velvet is here to stay. This gorgeously plush fabric is one of the best ways to emanate luxury in your home, with the added benefit of comfort of course.

Blank Canvas

After being smothered by rich tones and bright imposing colours over the Christmas period, January is the perfect time to create a refreshing blank canvas with a douse of white and a small splash of colour for a subtle, understated palette.


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Be FW at home this New Year.

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